Sunday, June 04, 2023
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2016 Officers

President—Teresa West

Co-Vice Presidents/Secretary—Belinda Brewer & Christie Russell

Treasurer—Wanda Bowles


The organized unit of UMW shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ, to develop a creative, supportive fellowship, and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.

 UMW has 800,000 members. You will find an abundance of information on the international organization of UMW on the internet. We encourage you to take a look and learn more about its activities and programs.

 If you are a woman and a member of our church, you are considered a member of UMW. Under the umbrella of UMW, there are five circles at FUMC—Mocksville. Hopefully, you are already involved in a circle; if you are not, we welcome you to choose one that meets your needs.

 Deborah Circle

Nancy Harpe: Chair

Marilyn Cook: Treasurer

Meets: the 1st Monday after the 3rd Sunday (only in March, June and October)

Currently there are 19 members.

 Proposed activities for 2016:

·        Meals for WHEN ministry

·        Ongoing support for UMW’s ministries

·        Work with Smart Start

 Lydia Circle

Patsy Brewer: Chair

Amelia Little: Treasurer

Cathy McClamrock: Scheduler

Carolyn Cartner: Communications

 Does not have a specific time to meet. If you are looking for flexibility with regard to meeting times, Lydia Circle might be a good choice. Each month there is a hands-on project; for instance, recently Lydia Circle had lunch with Prayers & Squares and donated money to them. One month, they visit Somerset Assisted Living, sing hymns with them and take gifts for the staff there. Meeting times may vary but Lydia Circle is actively at work in the church and community. Provides ongoing support to UMW and those ministries.

 Hannah Circle

Carolyn Price: Chair

Charlotte Miller: Treasurer 

Meets: the 2nd Monday at 7:00 p.m. Do not meet May – August. Meetings are held in various homes and sometimes in the Family Life Center.

 Currently there are 15 active members.

 Proposed activities for 2016:

·        Easter baskets for DSS foster children

·        Christmas gifts for DSS foster children

·        Sponsor Tables for All Occasions

·        Assist UMW with needs as they arise

·        Likely will help their contact in Ukraine with their mission work once needs are known

·        Has provided birthday parties in a bag for foster children

·        Also have worked in the Bride’s Room, keeping the refrigerator stocked with water when there is a wedding planned.

 The majority of Hannah Circle members still work and very busy ladies.

 Mary Circle

Chair: Sarah Wood

Programs: Lillian Sharpe

Treasurer: Kathleen Cartner

 Meets: 3rd Monday of each month; does not meet in summer

Currently there are 21 active members.

 Proposed Activities for 2016:

·        Sponsor a child, Esther, in Hearts With Haiti orphanage

·        Continue to support Smart Start

·        Continue support for Big Brothers Big Sisters

·        Provide a monetary Gift to Mission

·        Donate to Blanche Eaton Scholarship Fund at FUMC—Mocksville

·        Continue to support Davie Pregnancy Advocacy Center. In 2015, a fellowship meal provided funds to help pay off their building.

·        Continue to provide Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. In 2015, Mary Circle brought items and provided 85 shoeboxes and paid for shipping.

·        Support Central Davie Academy (CDA)

1.           Christmas party for CDA staff each year

2.           Provide Thanksgiving meals for CDA families

3.           Adopt children from CDA for Christmas

4.           Provide families of CDA students a Christmas dinner in their home

·        Provide gifts for Broughton Hospital residents at Christmas

·        Visit three Mocksville nursing homes in April taking cards, fruit, cookies, crackers, etc. for each resident

·        Supports UMW and all its activities

Ruth Circle

Angie Jordan: Chair

Megan Jordan: Treasurer

Hannah’s Closet Co-Chairs:  Tracy Huneycutt, Tiffany Evans, Sarah Chapman

Meets: Once per quarter, middle month, 2nd Monday night

Currently there are 24 members.

Proposed activities for 2016:

·        Easter Egg Hunt

·        Hannah’s Closet Children’s Clothing Sale (Spring and Fall)

·        Supporting local needs in the church and community

In the past, Ruth Circle has:

·        Provided food when asked for various events for the church and UMW;

·        Held Book Club meetings;

·        Sponsored outings to various events;

·        Participated in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake event or have donated funds for the event.

Most Ruth Circle members are busy moms; their biggest event and fundraiser is the Hannah’s Clothing Closet sale.